Drill Multilayer
Before the panels can be drilled, the tooling holes that will ultimately align the dripped image to the circuit image must be drilled, these are drilled by x-raying the tooling targets and the drill position of the drill tooling is then optimised
Aim of Process
The aim of this process is to drill the correct holes in the stated position to the correct size as stated by the customers details. Using the correct feeds, sppeds, and retraction rates so as to produce a quality hole.
Explanation of Drills
The drills that are used to drill the printed circuit boards are made of tungsten carbide, they come in a variety of sizes fron 0.15mm to 6.35mm, that is 120 different sizes. Even something as simple as a drill has many different parts.
The panels are then stacked with a melamine coated exit material and a alunimum entry materiel.
The alumimium is to be used as a method of directing the drill so it does not wander.
The melaine coated board is used to minimise exit burrs, and to allow the drill to pass completely through the drilled stack